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Arusha, Tanzania


First Announcement and Call for Abstracts

On behalf of the EAAPP Secretariat, we wish to announce the upcoming 8th EAAPP biennial conference in Arusha, Tanzania from 31st July to 4th August 2022. As with our past conferences, the objective of this conference is to bring eastern African, other African, and international researchers, scientists, museum curators, and cultural resources managers together in a forum, to present current research findings, exchange scientific ideas, and discuss current research developments, museum ethics, policy, and practice. 

The Secretariat envisions sessions dedicated to research papers addressing current issues in paleoanthropology, archeology, paleontology, and paleoecology and paleoenvironments. In addition, other sessions will address issues regarding funding, public understanding and engagement, policies affecting field and laboratory research, collection and curatorial management, and a Pan-African vision on the development of local scientific and technical capacity. 
Finally, we envision a forum for students and junior scholars to discuss issues regarding training, research opportunities, and other issues of career advancement and funding opportunities. This will enable early career scholars to directly interact with senior researchers from across the globe, providing a rare opportunity to learn about various training and scholarship opportunities, with a focus on networking and forging future scientific collaborations.  

We plan to open the call for abstracts on September 1, 2021. Abstracts will be due on November 15, 2021, and first authors will be notified of abstract decisions by January 15, 2022. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words, and we will accept abstracts for both podium and poster sessions (preference will be requested at time of submission). Late abstracts will not be accepted. Please note that a person MAY NOT be the senior author on more than one abstract. More information about the abstract submission process will be available on our website on September 1, 2021: https://eaappinfo.wordpress.com/.

Please circulate this notice to any individuals or institutions (academic or other stakeholders) that may benefit from attendance at this conference.

Inquiries can be sent to eaapp.committee@gmail.com.  Conference information will be updated regularly at https://eaappinfo.wordpress.com/.


Sunday July 31, 2022 Registration and Conference Reception (4 – 6:30 PM)

Monday August 1, 2022 Conference Day 1 (9:30 AM – 4:30 PM)

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 Conference Day 2 (9 AM – 5 PM)

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 Conference Day 3 (9 AM – 4 PM) and Conference Dinner

Thursday, August 4, 2022 Olduvai Gorge Field Trip (6:30 AM – 6 PM)*

Friday, August 5, 2022 Departures, Safaris, Travel to Zanzibar for Pan African Congress**

*More information about the Olduvai Gorge Field Trip costs will be provided soon

**Note for those who may want to attend both conferences that following the EAAPP Conference from 31st July – 4th August 2022 in Arusha, the 16th Pan African Archaeological Association (PAA) Congress will take place in Zanzibar, Tanzania from 7th to 12th August 2022

$100 for non-members (professionals)
$50 for members (professionals)
$50 for non-members (students)
$30 for members (students)

EAAPP members (students & scholars) affiliated with African universities will pay no registration fees

Mode of payment: On site during conference registration

We are hoping to be able to offer remote conference participation and attendance; details TBD.


Dr. Jackson Njau, President, EAAPP: jknjau (at) indiana.edu

Dr. Emmanuel Ndiema, Vice President, EAAPP: endiema (at) gmail.com

Dr. Briana Pobiner, Executive Secretary, EAAPP: pobinerb (at) si.edu


For conference participants and accompanying guests interested in attending PANAF Conference in Zanzibar or safaris to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, or climbing Mts. Kilimanjaro, Meru, and Oldoinyo Lengai (the only active volcano in Tanzania), please contact conference organizer Dr. Jackson Njau who will be working with the conference travel and tour operator to give you a lifetime experience in Africa. The conference agent will offer a broad selection of destinations and outdoor activities, including day field trips and tours in Arusha and Moshi. While private activities are certainly possible, you will find that it is more economical to organize yourselves into groups of two or more than two individuals.

EAAPP will follow Tanzanian, CDC and WHO health regulations regarding COVID-19. Tanzania is continuing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by imposing various regulations including vaccination and PCR and rapid testing in major tourist destinations, airports, etc. EAAPP will continue to provide the most updated information to conference participants on the COVID situation in the country, including transmission mitigation, tests, and evacuation information. We will only use and recommend hotels that will comply with international COVID-19 regulations. More information about hotels, accommodation, international travel, required pre-travel COVID-19 testing, and ground transportation will be updated here as the conference time approaches.

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